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With the click of a mouse, your method of identifying quality, targeted consumers just got easier. Because no one knows better than Experian where to find the best buyers and find them fast. That's what Data Select is all about. This superlative, online tool provides you with the most focused and defined names in the marketplace. No matter what your customer's needs, our comprehensive database is at the ready 24/7.

Data Select's features make ordering effortless. This streamlined, multifaceted program works the way you do because you set the parameters. Customize your list search a multitude of ways depending on what works best for you. And deliver the most promising prospects your customer's niche demands. With Data Select, you get exactly what you want, when you want it. It's that easy.

ConsumerViewSM Database
Our complete coverage allows you to demographically segment your list to reach the best prospects for your business. Target by age, gender, estimated income, marital status, dwelling type and more. Our ConsumerView Database connects you with diverse, responsive audiences.

ConsumerView Attitudinal and Behavioral - BehaviorBank®
BehaviorBank provides special insight into consumers' lifestyles and interests to help you find new customers based on their hobbies, brand preferences, product usage and other key behaviors.

ConsumerView Triggers - New Movers DatabaseSM
Be first to introduce your business to new residents when they are looking to develop relationships with local businesses. Here's your opportunity to open the door.

ConsumerView Triggers - New Homeowners DatabaseSM
A rich source of new prospects, the New Homeowners Database enables you to reach millions of Americans each year who are new to their neighborhood, highly receptive to direct marketing promotions and ready to establish loyal relationships.

ConsumerView Triggers - New Parents DatabaseSM
Need a prospecting resource where you can always find a new group of ready buyers? Every week, we add expectant and new parents to Experian's New Parents Database. Prenatal records include households with mothers in the third or later month of pregnancy. Postnatal records include families with children from 0 to 36 months old.

U.S. Business Database
The U.S. Business Database covers the largest companies found on the Fortune 1000 and provides extensive coverage on millions of hard to find small business owners. The US Business Database has all the information you need to target new prospects.